His music was made in Tennessee. So to celebrate his 7th diamond, we brought him back to where it all started.

Garth's 7 Tennessee Gems

We created the first ever real-time documentary by revisiting the stories and places significant to Garth on his journey to 7 Diamond status.

Snapchat Story #1

Back to the
Bluebird Cafe

This is where it all began. He played, was heard, and the first record deal soon followed. Watch as Garth himself recounts the night that changed his career forever.

Snapchat Story #2

A Small Town Surprise

One show in the small town of Cookeville was all it took to convince Jimmy Bowen and all of Capitol Records that Garth Brooks was the real deal.

Snapchat Story #3

Birthplace of
Country Music

We go back to the place where country music all started: Bristol Tennessee. See how the 1927 Bristol Sessions led to the music we love today.

Snapchat Story #4

Remembering Ella Guru’s

Before Garth was selling out entire stadiums, he was playing small gigs at places like Ella Guru’s in Knoxville. Go back with us to when “the old stuff was new.”

Snapchat Story #5

Sweet Memories
at Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry has always been Garth’s go-to spot. Watch as he recounts the story of going on Leno and having his waitress Joyce spill the beans on his diet to the entire country.

Snapchat Story #6

The Memphis Pyramid

Garth sold out three straight shows and broke the ticket sales record here. So how did it ever become an outpost of Bass Pro Shops?

Snapchat Story #7

23 Hours at Fan Fair

Fans love Garth and Garth loves his fans, and nothing is proof of that more than 23 straight hours of photographs, hugs, and autographs at Fan Fair.

27 years after the release of his first hit single, Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old), Garth Brooks has arrived. Arrived at a place where no artist has ever gone before - 7 Diamond Status.

= 10,000,000 Albums sold


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